# 1 Qian : Initiating

Heaven over Heaven
from within the Emptiness
there is a beginning
The Creative Principle offers opportunity

Welcome to make contact for meeting !

I will no longer offer a daily or weekly ´family` type clinic.
However, will offer meetings related to the change of seasons
and those cycles of the astronomy/astrology
used within Chinese Medicine

This is a more original style of practice of the traditional Chinese doctor
who would help the patient to maintain health,
stabilise well-being and then promote personal development
(which I practiced the first decade after graduation, in Sweden during the 90’s)

From a Daoist perspective this implies
a)  a life-style centred around the cycles of nature:

the concept of the microcosm of human life
following the macrocosm of universal energies

b)  the uncovering of the purpose of one’s soul  (Ling) this lifetime:
appreciating the possibilities, pathways and challenges;
how these are revealed as the problems & sicknesses presently encountered;
as well as the means & skills to create resolution, health & personal growth


On a Practical Basis
I will offer meetings every 6 – 12 weeks;
using the modalities of Herbal Medicines, Essential Oils & such like
to support development in the periods between

and the strong expectation of adherence by patients
to the advices suggested in regards
to the changes in lifestyle

For new patients
a comprehensive consultation,
together with advices and medicines
will be offered

 If you do wish to have a meeting,
please email ongoing to :    purplejade@daomed.net

You will receive an automatic reply
after which I will contact you,
if I would also like to meet with you

For dates, please see Calendar on drop-down menu above


 * # 1  Qian Initiating / Huang;  Ch’ien : The Creative / Wilhelm