# 2 Kun : Responding*

Earth over Earth
being attentively aware
there is a response
The Receptive Principle offers direction

The clinic has re-awoken from its summer slumbers
Welcome to make contact for a meeting!

Follow this link for the first thread of thoughts
and look out for the blog coming soon in Autumn !!


The approach of my treatments will now follow
those themes from a Daoist perspective

A life-style centred around the cycles of nature:

the concept of the microcosm of human life
following the macrocosm of universal energies

The uncovering of the purpose of one’s soul  (Ling) this lifetime:
appreciating the possibilities, pathways and challenges;
how these are revealed as the problems & sicknesses presently encountered;
as well as the means & skills to create resolution, health & personal growth

 If you do wish to have a meeting,
please email ongoing to :    purplejade@daomed.net

You will receive an automatic reply
after which I will contact you.

 * # 2  Kun Responding / Huang;  K’un : The Receptive / Wilhelm