New Patients

Being conscious of your choice
I thank you for coming for a treatment
I ask that you would now read through the following three attachments
before arrive for our next meeting. Please bring with you any questions

How this approach to Chinese Medicine works

What my clinic offers you as a patient (+ treatment fees)

Some tips to make your treatment more effective


My responsibility 
is to listen to your requests for medical health care
and advices about your life and to respond accordingly.
My first question to you will be: ´How can I help you ?

I also abide by a Medical Code of Ethics
On graduating from CM college, I took a vow based upon
Theosophical and Humanitarian Principles: please see a copy here.

From my personal initiative, I also abide by the principles written in the text :
´On the Absolute Sincerity of Great Physicians`
Written by Sun Si Miao (581 – 682 CE), one of the most famous of CM doctors,
it is often called the ´Chinese Hippocratic Oath`.

This era of the Tang Dynasty waa high point of civilisation within Chinese culture,
the text expressing the level to which medical practice
and medical ethics had already developed in this period in Chinese history.

What I ask from you 
is to respect the nature, depth and integrity of the treatment
you are receiving and the medical system of which it is a part.
Please investigate this by reading the information on this website

There are many different levels and forms of Acupuncture, both in terms of education and practice.
But very few practitioners of  Chinese or Oriental Medicine.
The determining criteria of practising medicine being if the practitioner
acts from the position and skills expected of a doctor :

´Do they make their own diagnosis, prognosis and treatment
from the context and in the terminology of their own (Chinese) medical discipline ?`

This means if you consult someone who is giving treatment with needles or herbs
and you present with a problem such as a ´shoulder pain`
or with a diagnosis from your allopathic doctor such as ´ulcerative colitis` or ´asthma`.

If that practitioner treats you for this symptom or disease process
without making their own diagnosis according to the understanding of CM,
they are not practising Chinese Medicine.
Nor practising medicine as a doctor.

They are only treating the symptoms as explained by another system of medicine,
or the subjective experience of yourself in your body.

I also ask that you

Listen to me and follow my advices as much as you can
or to discuss them if you think they are difficult, unsuitable or unreasonable

Refer back to me first
if you are uncertain about the reaction or appearance of different symptoms after your treatment –
even if they would appear totally unrelated to the condition or symptom for which you are receiving treatment

Consult with me first
if you are considering taking another form of treatment,
other medicines or some form of nutritional supplements


After your visit
Please read through the following papers

To consider after your treatment

Using nutritional supplements